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Five of the Best Wedding Related TV Episodes

Fun blog post coming at you today! Back in November, I talked about five of my favorite wedding related movies (to read that blog Click Here). Now I am back to give you five of my all-time favorite TV wedding related episodes! There have been so many great TV couples and weddings, it made it very hard to choose just five, but I did it and I am sticking to this list! I watched so many wedding episodes as research for this blog post – my husband was so confused about what we were doing with our nightly TV time for like a week. Okay, let’s get right down to it… five of the best TV wedding episodes…

5. Jesse & Becky – Full House (“The Wedding: Part 1 & 2”)

I am a huge Full House fan (not so much Fuller House, though)! As a kid when I was sick and had to stay home from school, I used to watch episode after episode of this show. I had the opening credits memorized with the actors/actress’s names. I could give you the exact order in which they would appear. So it’s no surprise that the ridiculousness of the pre-ceremony activities in these episodes appealed to me, because clearly I am a pretty ridiculous person myself. In these episodes Jesse meets Becky’s parents for the first time, and they don’t like each other at first (WHAAA, say it ain’t so. That story line has never been done before). Well, you know what hasn’t been done before… skydiving on your wedding day just to get one more thrill in before you “settle down”. But oh it gets better… let’s get stuck in a tree, try to highjack a tomato truck with tomatoes that just got smashed by Jesse’s body as he fell from the tree, only to get thrown in jail because the in “Tomato Country” they take that stuff very seriously! Luckily, Becky drove from San Francisco (I’m guessing “Tomato Country” was somewhere in Yolo County, which is not a short drive away) to bail him out all while somehow the guests at the wedding were okay waiting. In the end the two finally make it to the church to tie the knot. As Jesse’s vows he sings a beautiful song… “Forever”. This is where the episode gets me every time because who would turn down someone opening their heart to you with music! Even though these episodes aired back in 1991, Jesse and Becky still make my top 5 list of favorite TV couples.

4. Bernadette & Howard – Big Bang Theory (“The Countdown Reflection”)

Let me just start by saying, who DOESN’T love Big Bang Theory and all 3 of the main couples followed throughout the 12 seasons?! I seriously get a kick out of this show and will gladly have it on in the background as I am getting other stuff done around the house (I feel this way about Friends and Gilmore Girls too). I feel like this episode, in particular, can be very relatable to those couples who have their significant other suddenly get stationed elsewhere or get relocated with their career for one reason or another, making it so you have to (or at least feel like you have to) get married a lot sooner than you originally pictured. However, that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be any less special than your original vision – just different. Bernadette & Howey were married by all 5 of their best friends (because thank you internet and easy access to getting ordained) on a rooftop in California the morning before he left on a mission to the International Space Station – tell your kids that story when they are old enough!

3. Ben & Leslie – Parks & Rec (“Leslie and Ben”)

I only recently – in the last 5 years or so – got into Parks & Rec when it was still on Netflix. So, of course, I binge watched all the episodes in like a 2-week span – as all normal people do! The episode where Leslie and Ben decide to spontaneously get married is definitely a favorite. Throughout the series both of these actors do a great job of developing their characters into very likeable and relatable people. As I re-watched the wedding episode it reminded me a lot of what several couples decided to do over the last year. No, Leslie and Ben did not decide to elope within 2 hours because of a pandemic. However, they were knee deep in the planning process when Ben changed their love train’s trajectory and together, they decided that if they had those most important elements surrounding them everything else didn’t matter – as long as they were married. After COVID took such a toll on so many couples’ wedding dreams the industry started to see a major shift, and everyone’s mindset on what was really important changed. Eloping and that idea of “let’s just do this thing” became more and more popular. So, to me, this wedding brings in a lot of those same ideals… a long as we have each other, are surrounded by our favorite people and have those couple of key elements that mean the most to us everything else will just fade into the background.

2. David & Patrick – Schitt’s Creek (“Happy Ending”)

Again, only recently did I binge through Schitt’s Creek in a matter of a week or two… thank you quarantine. And I have to say… I LOVE this show! David and Patrick are easily one of my very favorite TV couples! The almost awkward yet captivating chemistry that Noah Reid and Dan Levy bring to these characters and their relationship is amazing. I love that even when I re-watch this show I still get that excited, butterflies in your stomach, feeling as I watch their relationship blossom. The episode where David and Patrick get married is especially emotional because it is also the series finale of the show. However, as a wedding planner, the first thing I think about as I watch David freak out because it is raining on his wedding day is; 1. THIS is why you always, always, always have a Plan B and; 2. Weren’t you watching the weather in the days leading up to the big day? I know I start looking at my 3 different go-to weather websites 10 days before a wedding. But I know, I know, if everything went right for a TV wedding where would the entertainment factor come into play? In the end David and Patrick had a perfect indoor wedding with lots of flowers (my kind of wedding), acapella, and of course Moira being Moira in her over the top outfit to officiant. I don’t think they could have ended the show on a better note. I would have of course loved to watch more episodes, but I appreciate when Dan Levy was interviewed saying that it was a happy, natural ending. No one likes a show that continues when the story line has clearly ended, and the characters are ready to move on with their lives.

1. Pam & Jim – The Office (“Niagara: Part 1 & 2”)

When I started thinking about what episodes I should include with this list, I knew Pam and Jim’s wedding episodes were going to be my number one – no contest! But, I still needed to re-watch them just to be sure and you know what happened? I cried! Yep, I cried the very first time I watched them, and I cried now after what is like the 5th time I’ve watched them. The Office is another one of those shows for me that I can have playing in the background and it never really gets old. I know some people find it annoying, but I always find myself laughing at the same jokes and lines over and over again. What can I say, maybe I am easily amused? However, the “Niagara” episodes are ones that everybody should enjoy. I can remember when my mom first sent me that YouTube video of the bridal party dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown’s song “Forever” and said something like, “I could see you doing this at your wedding”. I watched the video and immediately fell in love with that idea! I had not yet even been dating Chris. When it came down to it for our wedding, of course, he nixed the idea right out of the gate. But being able to watch it on The Office over and over again… that will satisfy me enough for now – at least until we do a vow renewal (sssshh… don’t tell him). Seriously though, I love everything about these episodes and the development of these characters over the first six seasons was fun to watch and truly felt real! I also love that the wedding was able to get written into the story early enough that we had a chance to also watch Pam and Jim grow as a family for three more seasons.

Well folks, there you have it, my top 5 favorite TV wedding episodes. When I was making my husband watch all those episodes with me, he asked why I wasn’t including one of the weddings from Friends because he knows that is one of my all-time favorite shows. Let me tell you why. Really the only two weddings that I would consider putting on this list would be Monica & Chandler’s wedding and Phoebe and Mike’s wedding. In my opinion, Monica & Chandler’s wedding was almost more centered around Chandler freaking out, Joey trying to get out of his acting job on time to officiant, and Rachel’s surprise pregnancy getting revealed. The wedding itself took up maybe 5 real minutes of the episode. Phoebe and Mike’s wedding was better, but I was not super impressed with how they wrote Monica’s character for that episode. I took it as a personal attack against wedding planners being rude and bossy. I mean, I didn’t really, but still it wasn’t my favorite. And honestly, I felt like there were better wedding episodes out there… clearly because I listed them above. I had a lot of fun going back and re-watching old episodes of some of my favorite TV shows. So, what do you think? Do you agree with my choices? What are some of your favorites?

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