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Washington and Texas Meet at the Historic Davenport for a July Wedding

Taking you back to a beautiful day in July when a Texan and a Washingtonian were joined in marriage, for a second time (but we will get to that), at the beautiful Historic Davenport in downtown Spokane. When Kylie & Teddy hired me, the only wedding on their radar was their July 2023 date full of personal details, lush, neutral flowers, and a hoppin’ party!

However, on our first phone call after the New Year, I learned that over the holidays Teddy’s mom’s health took a turn for the worse and they became very worried that she wouldn’t be able to travel from Texas to Washington to attend the wedding. So, at the beginning of December, they made the decision to gather everyone they could in the backyard and have the sweetest, most intimate exchange of vows that legally joined them in marriage. Fear not, they were still committed to hosting their July wedding celebration that they had been planning and dreaming about for months! And now, they have two anniversaries to celebrate at completely different times of year – how fun is that? So, we continued on as planned, and in a lot of ways, I think it took some of the pressure off of them because now it was all “just for fun” (even though they were already the most chill couple to begin with).

Come July, Teddy’s mother was able to attend the wedding and did get to have her beautiful mother/son dance in front of all their family and friends. Kylie looked absolutely radiant in her two-in-one wedding dress. And they were able to reaffirm their vows in front of a LOT more witnesses. They absolutely partied their butts off and every little detail of their wedding celebration came together perfectly!! Looking back at the planning journey as a whole with them, I couldn’t imagine it going any other way now. I remember on that first phone call of the year they very nonchalantly brought up, “Oh, and by the way, we actually got legally married right before Christmas, but DON’T WORRY, we aren’t changing our plans for our Washington wedding.” And I get it, everything happened exactly how it was supposed to, and Teddy can now spend even more money on flowers with two anniversaries (*wink wink*) – only kidding…. kind of.

Spectacular Vendor Team:

Venue, food & bar: The Historic Davenport

Florist: Sue Hines Floral

Photographer: Shanoah Bri Photography

Photobooth: Electric Photoland

DJ: Rhythm City Events

Planner: A Piece of Harmony Events

Dessert: Sweet P Cupcakes + Batter & Dough Cookies

Officiant: Ralph’s Regal Weddings

Hair & Makeup Team: Anna Mumau & Hair by Selah

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