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Large Arbor Crest Winery Wedding with Modern Flare

Sara was one of those brides who every time we met something was different about the décor/design plan. So much so that towards the big day each of the meeting started with the conversation, why don’t you tell me about the new design plan. However, there were a couple things that never wavered… Sara wanted a modern feel with only white roses & baby’s breath, and to end the night with a huge dance party. I am not trying to be negative about changing your mind. This is very typical! And believe me, with a 2-year engagement, I changed my mind plenty throughout my own wedding planning process. Instead, I say this to remind you the importance of open communication and having someone there (a coordinator), hired by you, to make sure that a design plan that has countless amendments gets executed exactly how you are envisioning it!

There are several things that I loved about Sara and Henderson’s big day, but in an attempt to try to narrow down my favorites… their ceremony exit, throwing tradition out the window, the finalized design plan. Let’s just start at the beginning. Sara & Henderson did not have the typical first look. I legit had no idea one of the groomsmen was going to get all gussied up and surprise Hendo until he walked down the stairs in the Cliff House, and everyone burst into laughter. Just look at the most perfect exchange between groom and groomsman! In a teaser of their wedding video, Hendo actually admitted to tearing up before turning around and exchanging tears for belly laughs. These little surprises to keep the day fun & light-hearted are so much rewarding to witness!

When it came to the ceremony exit, I knew we would be using (biodegradable) confetti cannons, but I didn’t realize just how full of confetti those cannons were! I did my usual instruction (do NOT skip this part if you are doing a ceremony exit)… ‘Don’t toss the confetti until the couple actually passes you. Make sure you throw the confetti up and out – not just straight into the couples’ faces. They will be doing a dip halfway back up the aisle, so go crazy and make it memorable.’ And boy howdy, was this a memorable exit! I will be looking at these exit photos for years to come. Big kudos to all of Sara & Henderson’s guests – they stepped up the toss game!

Okay, now reception décor & atmosphere. Sometimes (just sometimes) simple is more. Because there were so many tables (35 in total), Sara wanted to make sure to not overwhelm the space and the table décor, while maintaining that modern & classic vibe. I loved the use of the matte black silverware mixed with the delicateness of the baby’s breath and white roses – 100% would recommend for anyone hoping to accomplish this same look and feel. Paired with the perfect white rose backdrop and neon sign behind their sweetheart – it was simply MAGNIFIQUE!

As I mentioned, Sara and Henderson were not into following all the wedding traditions, so we did not have a cake cutting and bouquet toss/garter toss. Instead, we had ICE CREAM! They brought in the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck, and I think everyone was going back for seconds and thirds to try all the flavors – there were several amazing options. That is also when Sara slipped away to change into the cutest little reception dress I have ever seen. And when she returned the party was ON! I loved that this group burned the house down until the last possible second. This is another reason why you will hear me recommend ceremony exits over grand exits at the end of the night. You want to party until the final candle wick has gone out, but if you are having to end early because you need to get those exit photos before the photographer leaves or before all your guests decide to call it a night, that can interrupt your funky dance moves and no one wants that. If you are dead set on your sparkler exit at the end of the night, then let’s make it happen! Lord knows I was dead set on that for my wedding, and I love those photos. However, if that is not your #1 priority then let’s discuss and explore other options that may better fit your vision and timeline. Afterall this is your wedding day, and you deserve to see all your hopes and dreams come to life.

I loved being part of this huge celebration, but it all wouldn’t have come together as well as it did without these awesome vendor partners…

Photographer: Mack Lloyd Photography

Videographer: Mezia Wedding Films

Hair: Jess Hatch

Makeup: Madison Koehn

Ice Cream Truck: Ben & Jerry’s

Tableware Rentals: Event Rents

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