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Benefits of an Unplugged Ceremony

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

There is a first time for everything and whether you only get married once or more than once, most people are not wedding experts. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from clients, “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what I am doing.” Have no fear! One of the many benefits of hiring a wedding expert is having a person by your side who HAS been through the process several times to guide you step by step. When I started this blog, one of the goals I gave myself was to give newly engaged couples useful tips and tricks on current trends, what works and even what doesn’t. Follow along as I start a recurring blog series I am calling, “I love when couples…”. Allow me to be your guide through this process because you deserve to have your wedding dreams come true.

I want to start this series off with something I am glad I am starting to see more and more, I love when couples… have an unplugged ceremony; let me tell you why. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion based on my experiences with dozens of weddings. Ultimately, I am there to help make your day as special as possible and make sure YOUR wedding day priorities are my priorities.

This may not be something you are even thinking about, but today with everyone from your Grandma to your littlest cousin owning smart phones, it is something to consider. Asking your guests to put away their phones during the ceremony allows everyone to be present and enjoy every intimate moment through their own eyes and not through a screen. Think about it, do you want to walk down the aisle and see your closest friends and family smiling at you or do you want to see the back of everyone’s phones? If you are seeing all those devices then so is your photographer, which means inevitably the phones will likely show up somewhere in your pictures. If one of your wedding priorities are those photos, then you want to make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing. However, that also means they probably will cost a pretty penny (which is actually so worth it), you’ll want to make sure those photos are perfect. No photographer wants to have to continually ask your guests to move because they are blocking the shot with their phone as you are walking down the aisle, the other option is the photographer spending hours trying to edit out phones that made their way into the beautiful shot – neither option is fair to you or them. The more time they spend editing those photos the less time they can spend on another part of the wedding day. It is much easier to simply ask your guests to put their phones away and let the photographer do their job. Lastly, a wedding ceremony is a very intimate and personal event. You have asked your closest family and friends to be there because you want to share that moment with them, not the rest of the world. Are you okay having someone else post about your ceremony before you get the chance to?

Have you thought about having an unplugged ceremony?

If you found this article helpful and want to chat further, head on over to the services page for my packages and pricing information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!

Beautiful ceremony overlooking Hayden Lake, Idaho.
Please don't be these guests. Enjoy the moment through your own eyes! Picture taken off of Google Images.
Would you rather have the professionally edited photo that you are paying for or the one taken by your guest? Picture taken off of Google Images.

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