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Five of the Best Spokane Restaurants for Rehearsal Dinners

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Rehearsal dinner. Do you have to have one? Who is typically invited to this pre-wedding event? When do you host this event? All these questions are probably running through your mind as you get ready to tackle just one more thing on your wedding to-do checklist. A rehearsal dinner is an event typically following your wedding ceremony rehearsal (typically one or two days before the actually wedding) involving your immediate family, bridal party, and all their spouses/significant others. This dinner is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family. However, nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to these kinds of things, you should do what makes the most sense for you and your future spouse. A rehearsal dinner is never mandatory but is absolutely another excuse to hang out with your favorite people and will give you a chance to do some more relaxed mingling before your big day and you want to be focused on the rest of your guests. This is also an opportunity for special family and friends who don’t traditionally give toasts at the wedding reception to share words of encouragement, funny stories, and well wishes.

The best place to host a rehearsal dinner is usually at a restaurant. This is because, more often than not, there will not be enough people to completely fill a larger venue space, and a restaurant will likely allow for more variety and menu choices for your guests. Below are five of my favorite Spokane restaurants to check out when planning your rehearsal dinner. In no particular order this time…

1. Mizuna Restaurant & Wine Bar – private dining space seating up to 35 people comfortably

2. Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops – smaller private dining space seating around 25-30 people depending on layout

3. The SteamPlantseveral private dining room options seating anywhere from 20-168 people (my recommendation would be the Stacks Room accommodating up to 44 people seated or the Roof Top accommodating 120 people seated)

4. Tamarack Event House – perfect venue for a larger rehearsal dinner with seating for 50 people, including time for set up & take down, and an outdoor patio space for socializing

5. Anthony’s at Spokane Falls – private dining room with seating for 40 people overlooking the Spokane River and upper falls

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I will not argue that there are many more restaurants in the Spokane area with space for a rehearsal dinner event; however, these five are a great place to start, with great food & reputations these places are all within walking distance (or a very short drive) of the major hotels in downtown Spokane. And if you are realizing that a planning a rehearsal dinner is just one more thing on a huge list of items when planning a wedding, then let’s have a conversation! Planning and coordinating the wedding day is not the only wedding event help that A Piece of Harmony Events can offer. Rehearsal dinner, day-after brunch, welcome party, bridal shower, you name it we can help with it. Use this contact button to get in touch today!

UPDATE: I want to add a sixth restaurant to this list because I had such a good experience with it this last season (summer 2023), and that is Dry Fly Distilling. Their upstairs mezzanine space is perfect for a casual rehearsal dinner of 50 people or less. Complete with table, chairs, food and bar service... all you have to do is show up!

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