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Five of the Best Date Night Restaurants in the Cd'A Area

Dating your spouse is important! Just because you are getting married, or already married, doesn’t mean you don’t need to try to keep the romance alive. At home, Netflix and chill nights are great and necessary, but it is just as important to dress up, go out, have a nice glass of wine, and continue to date the person sitting across from you. That is why for this “Friday Faves” blog I have compiled a list of five of my favorite date night restaurants. With engagement season right around the corner (Thanksgiving-Valentine’s Day) these are also great places for big surprises. *wink wink* Even though here in the Inland Northwest, North Idaho and Eastern Washington can blur together because they are so close, I am going to stick with five restaurants in the Coeur d’Alene area. Otherwise, this list would be a lot longer than just five!

Photographer: Hanomoly

If you and your significant other are wine-o’s, this little restaurant in the Village at Riverstone makes for the perfect light lunch date or a date night with appetizers to share. For romance just make sure you go past the front tasting room and to the back dining area. It will be a little quieter and more intimate that way. The atmosphere is light, and the staff is knowledge and nice. This isn’t the fanciest restaurant on the list, but then again, not every date night needs to be “fancy”. And just down the street is a Coldstone Creamery, so don’t pass that up!

This restaurant is in the heart of Coeur d’Alene’s Midtown district. Right in the middle of a strip of businesses with a simple bluebird LED sign. You wouldn’t even know what it was if you didn’t already know what it was. Unlike Vine and Olive, this food is going to be heartier, and the atmosphere is going to be cozier with dimmer lighting. And rest assured, when the menu has several items with Cougar Gold Cheese as an ingredient staple, you know you are going to leave happily stuffed (and maybe with a clogged artery or two – #worthit).

This little gem is a go to for my husband and I on date night! I love this restaurant because it can feel more “fancy” without being fussy and on most nights not quite to the point where you need a reservation to get in (other than probably Friday/Saturday). I am totally an Italian food lover. I could eat carbs every night if it was good for me. Ha. But this restaurant sufficiently feeds my pasta and clam loving heart. Not to mention the warm bread and garlic butter you get before dinner. I mean you might as well just roll me out of the restaurant when we leave. I love the location of this restaurant too. Right out of the hustle and bustle of Coeur d’Alene in Hayden off a quieter street with outdoor seating. Doesn’t get much better than that on a beautiful summer night.

Yep, you read that right. Our own floating restaurant where the river and Lake Coeur d’Alene meet. Now we are starting to get into the realm of “fancy” and needing a reservation – even if it’s a Tuesday. This is a dinner-only restaurant that features lots of fresh fish, seafood, and steak options. Not to mention their “legendary” prime rib entrée. My husband really doesn’t even look at the menu when we go to Cedar’s because, to him, we are only going there for one reason – the prime rib (I’m there for the seafood)! All their entrées include the option of their huge salad bar or cup of New England Clam Chowder… you can not go wrong with either option, so typically one of us will get the salad bar, the other will get the soup, and we will share. Sharing is caring, what’s mine is yours, and all that… right?

This. This is our special occasion dinner-only restaurant that makes that little Italian food loving heart of mine I was talking about burst (but that may also just be from all the carbs). I know we all have one of those restaurants that you immediately think of when you are wanting to celebrate something big. Well, next time that special occasion comes up, give Tony’s a call because you will not be disappointed. Again, this is definitely somewhere you want to call and make a reservation no matter the day of the week. I love the atmosphere, the view, and the staff at this restaurant. Everyone is there to serve and enjoy good food, so what is there not to be joyous about?! The only caveat with Tony’s is that it is somewhat seasonal and is closed January through the middle of March. For the holiday season reservations are needed weeks in advance.

Okay y’all. There you have it… five of my very favorite date night restaurants in the Cd’A area. Believe me when I say this list could have been a lot longer because we have so many amazing restaurants all the way from downtown up to Hayden and over to Post Falls, but I did my best to cover what I consider a good mix of “date night” establishments which are nice but more casual and affordable. What are your favorite restaurants to hit up when you are planning a romantic outing with your significant other? It doesn’t have to be local to the Inland Northwest. We (hopefully) all travel and all need to eat, so shout it out. I would love the opportunity to try new places during new adventures. Leave a comment below!

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