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Five Favorite Bridal Shower Themes

Your wedding is not just about the wedding day itself! There are other events during the engagement period that you will have to think about. One of those events is your bridal shower (should you decide to have one). This event is typically hosted by your maid of honor/bridesmaids or a mother/mother figure, but the bride is usually still involved in the planning process – at least a little. Whether that is helping with the theme and activities or just contributing with the desired guest list. I have seen many bridal showers over the years and here are some “themes” that stood out to me the most. To help your planning process, I have narrowed my list to the top five – in no particular order. Continue reading below if you are stumped and need some good bridal shower inspiration!!

1. “Last sail before the veil” – You don’t have to be a sailor to have nautical themed bridal shower. This décor is usually navy blue & white with lots of white floral (hydrangeas or roses work really well). If you live in a resort town with a lake, this would also be the perfect opportunity to have a fun two-hour cruise on the lake and really lean into this theme!

2. “She’s been scooped up” – This is the perfect opportunity to bring in an ice cream truck or just make it a whole sweets theme – cotton candy in cones, build-your-own candy bar, custom cookies, all the fun things! I would recommend lots of muted pastels for décor – yellow, blush, blue, purple. Some good balloon work would be an excellent addition to this design plan. And a fun activity to go with this theme would be to leave the bride your favorite recipe (if she is into cooking) to start building up a fun cookbook!

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3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – brunch, Tiffany blue, mimosas, and pearls are just some of the things that come to mind with this theme! Centerpieces can consist of lots of candlelight on mirrors with white roses or white ranunculus and a little blue wrapped thank you gift for each attendee. A couple fun activities would be things like “what is in your purse” or a version of the “don’t say ‘baby’” game, but instead put on a pearl necklace and don’t say ‘bride’ or ‘wedding’ or get your pearls taken away. Brunch is the perfect time of day for this theme to keep everything chic and on point – croissants, pound cake, parfaits, donuts, the list goes on.

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4. “She found her main squeeze” – I like this one because it makes me think of lots of color and accents of fruit – how fun is that?! Lemons, limes, and grapefruits – oh my! I think there are a lot of directions you can go with this theme, but the more color and cheerfulness you can bring to the décor, the better! Some fun additions would be custom cookies, a mimosa bar with lots of fruit & juice options, a balloon arch or backdrop for some fun photobooth opportunities, custom cocktail napkins, citrus sugar scrub party favors, and lots of greenery to accent the colors. A couple good activities for this theme could be “he said, she said” or “how well do you know the bride?” (a fun alternative to this one is “would she rather”).

5. “Love is in bloom” – I love this one because I love flowers and I think that has to be the main focus with this theme! A greenhouse or little garden would be the perfect venue to complement this design. It would be super fun to have a “flower bar” where guests can build and create their own bouquets to take home with a multitude of floral options. A couple other good party favor items could be a mini terra cotta potted plant, or a package of wildflower seeds to grow at home. I think of a lot of wildflowers when I think of this theme with tons of color, texture, and movement. I think more “tea party” with this theme, so lunchtime with yummy tea sandwiches, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, infused waters, everything to keep the party light and sociable.

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All of this talk makes me want to throw another bridal shower for someone – which I will help do if the task feels too daunting! But hopefully all these theme ideas were able to get some of those creative juices flowing and you can put your own unique twist on whichever one you decide. The most important thing is to make sure the celebrated bride or couple feels all the love and support during these events leading up to one of the biggest milestones and adventures they will ever embark on.

Need more wedding planning help? Head over to my services page to see exactly how I can help take the stress out of this wild planning process. It is never too early to start a conversation!

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