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A Winter Wonderland, Medieval Style, Wedding In North Idaho

Updated: Feb 10

Oh my gosh! There is so much that I want to share from this snowy, crazy, wonderful wedding day! Both winter weddings that A Piece of Harmony Events was hired for in 2022 ended up with much more snow than I think my clients anticipated in their heads. However, that’s kind of the name of the game when it comes to planning a wedding during the winter months in North Idaho. Going into this day we were unsure what to expect as it has proven in years past that early December weather here in the Panhandle is extremely wishy-washy. I gave birth to my daughter on December 19th of 2020 with absolutely no snow on the ground, but on September 28th of 2018 I was coordinating a wedding in an active snowstorm. This year the weather gods decided to skip right over fall, and we headed straight from 70 degrees in October to several feet of snow on the ground before Thanksgiving. But I digress, let’s start at the beginning and work our way through one of the most unique and fun weddings I have had the pleasure of being a part of!

Believe it or not, Serena & Blake’s wedding was a 2020 postponement – yep, couples are still finishing up getting through that craziness. Serena contacted me AFTER they decided to postpone to December of 2022 because with more time to plan now, she wanted to make sure everything was perfect, nothing felt rushed, all her i’s were dotted, and t’s were crossed. Something I can very much appreciate! Even with the new date, we still started working together mid-2021. At which point December 2022 felt so far away. When we first met, she took me through this amazing winter, medieval styled wedding vision. She had already started putting together a Grade A vendor team but needed assistance filling in the gaps and wanted to make sure her décor stayed on theme, while still having an upscale feel that wasn’t cheesy. Elkins Resort on Priest Lake helped fit this vision perfectly! She knew, even if there wasn’t snow in town, there was likely to be a little bit of snow in December at their higher elevation. And boy, did that theory deliver!

The one vendor that Serena had been having a tough time figuring out was music. They knew they didn’t want the traditional style of wedding music because it was important to them to stay on theme as much as possible. Their desired Celtic style music doesn’t have quite as much of an impact from a speaker as it does from live musicians. So, I was tasked with finding that perfect sound to compliment the entire wedding vision. I am proud to say, after much research, we found the trio that fit the bill – Crooked Kilt. Within the intimate and cozy space of Elkins Resort having a trio (versus a large band) was just right. Not overpowering, but enough for each instrument, voice & musician to be heard clearly. And with all the guests dressed up in medieval attire, the dancing portion of the evening was so much fun to witness.

Now, let’s get to the actual wedding day and the gorgeous photos documenting it because I know really that’s the reason you guys are here! Rehearsal day was the perfect winter day… snow was packed down enough that it was easy to walk on, but still fully covered the ground, the sun was shining coldly on us, and the lake was in full view. Overnight however, someone tipped the snow globe just a little too aggressively and the skies let it all fall. It snowed. Hard. All day. At first, Serena was honestly a little bummed. The sky wasn’t as clear, the lake wasn’t showing off as much, and shoot, it was just plain cold. But then the magic that comes with beautiful big snowflakes started to take hold. Everything really started coming together. And she got a glimpse from the other side of Rachel’s camera of just how that type of snow illuminated and enhanced all her photos. I mean, if these photos don’t at least make you consider wanting to have a winter wedding…


As I said, the snow did not plan on letting up anytime soon, so we did have to make some compromises when it came to family photos and waiting on guests to arrive from their treacherous and slow-moving voyage. However, two things came out of this. Rachel, Max, and I found and created the perfect little indoor spot for family photos, so everyone was able to stay warm, stay focused and now their wedding party photos and their family photos had some diverse scenery. It also gave Rachel an opportunity to snap a multitude of different detail photos. Seriously, if you are getting married or having your reception indoors and nervous about hiring a photographer with indoor experience – hire Rachel Jordan Photography!! I am blown away with these indoor shots. I promise you the light did not look like this in person!


There are two other super fun things that Serena and Blake incorporated into their wedding that I want to highlight. Wedding party musical chairs and a dramatic appearance change/re-grand entrance. I am sure at this point you have seen the wedding party musical chairs idea on your Tik Tok several times. Well, so had Serena & she loved it! And we did just that. Very traditional game of musical chairs with lots of adult sized competition. Everyone, including the band, really got into it – not just those participating. I loved this alternative to the shoe game and if you are looking for something different to call out your closest friends and family, this was a great idea! Right before this super fun reception event, Serena took inspiration from another trend I am sure you are seeing on Tik Tok – she disappeared for awhile and came back with a completely different hairstyle – by several inches! And I adore the outcome! She returned to the reception with a super cute, new do that told all her guests she was ready to party. Afterwards she told me this was something she had been considering doing for a while but wanted to wait until after the wedding so she could have the long, beautiful hairstyle on her big day. Then decided, well, why not do it AT the wedding. Such a fun twist on an outfit change. And just look at her genuine reaction!

Spot my reaction of seeing the Bride's new hair for the first time!!

This wedding was such a blast and so unique to such a wonderful couple. I will absolutely be sharing these photos for a long time to come! Another successful wedding with another kick ass vendor team to thank…


Photography: Rachel Jordan Photography

Planner: A Piece of Harmony Events

Officiant: Coeur 2 Coeur

Florals: McBride Floral Design

Makeup: Mariah Davenport & Kasie Russell

Band: Crooked Kilt

Venue, Catering & Bar: Elkins Resort on Priest Lake

Dress: Other Worldly Creations

Dessert: Bean and Pie

Rentals: Artifact Rentals

If you are interested in learning more about my services head over to my contact page and let’s have a chat! And if you want to peruse more real weddings from A Piece of Harmony Events, check out...

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