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2023 Wedding Trends from the Perspective of Wedding Planners

A trend is simply a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Just like fashion, the wedding industry is constantly seeing different trends – they change almost on a yearly basis. Some trends tend to repeat themselves over time, while others die out completely. And each type of wedding vendor will see their own trends come and go. Vendors like florists, rental companies, and bridal dress shops will see more frequent trend changes than others, but to stay relevant it is something you will hear the entire industry talk about often. Today we are discussing wedding trends from the perspective of wedding planners! We are the ones who get to keep up with and see all the fun trends from every vendor. So, I asked two other wedding planning companies based out of the Spokane/CdA area what their favorite trends are that we are already seeing for 2023. Let’s start with myself, Sydney, here at A Piece of Harmony Events.

My heart is so happy to see that COLOR has come back as a major part of wedding design plans. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some modern, black & white, clean, design schemes. But color… it makes the designing process so much fun! All the different textures, combinations, and complimentary palettes. There is a lot you can do to incorporate color into your wedding day design plan that doesn’t just scream “rainbow”. It absolutely can still be elegant and tasteful, while coming across as whimsical and cheery. A great way to accomplish this without going overboard is picking out a bold napkin color to accent a neutral tablecloth. Or by letting the flowers do the talking. Give your florist some creative freedom to design the centerpieces only dreams are made of – you will not regret it!

Photo by Tina Johnson

I am also all on board to see that couples are starting to throw those older wedding traditions out the window. We are starting to see less cake cuttings, less bouquet & garter tosses, and more personal details. The entire idea of a wedding is becoming more of an experience that is unique to each couple, and less about following traditions of weddings past. “Experience” is a word you will hear the other wedding planners mention often too. I love being able to see each of my client’s creativity shine. Helping put together an event full of intentional details and purposeful planning is what A Piece of Harmony Events does best!

Paige Martin and Madeline Duval from Paige & Co. Events:

“One thing that we are LOVING in the wedding industry right now is that weddings are full on experiences. Couples are opting for a wedding experience that they and their guests will never forget by adding fun, new activities or extending the weekend to include more wedding events for guests. One new experience we are LIVING for right now is a bounce house and photobooth combination. We recently worked with Posh Bounce Co. and Glowup Photo Booth on this fun activity, and we loved it! Not only is it a fun experience for guests and the couple on their wedding day, but their memories are being captured by the photobooth! These wedding bounces houses can be found in some trendy and attractive colors, and we love adding a balloon garland in the wedding colors on the bounce house. This bounce house and photobooth trend is definitely a favorite, and we can’t wait to see couples incorporate it into their own big days!

Photo by Kali Photography

Another trend that we are loving is the late-night snack. The last few years it seemed that the trend was all about donut walls. This year, the donut wall trend may be turning into a pretzel wall or other savory late-night snack! It is a great way to have the snack be displayed on a wall which can then act as décor. We love the idea of a pretzel wall and having different dipping sauces available! This trend is also practical as people may need to snack on something later in the night. This late-night snack trend is another example of couples making their wedding day in to more of a full wedding experience and trying to add fun new ideas to make their wedding stand out. We can’t wait to celebrate weddings of all kinds and see what new experiences pop up in the wedding industry in the upcoming seasons.”

Photo by Justin Frick

Kandice Curtis from By Your Side Events:

"Fire Free Wedding Send-offs - Ah, the infamous sparkler send-off. When can we start saying no to putting fire in the hands of intoxicated wedding guests? I think it’s time to put this trend behind us and move towards more creative (and safer) ways to send off the newlyweds. I know some people are reading this and thinking, “She’s no fun!” But hear me out… By the end of the evening, most of your guests will have been drinking for 4-5 hours and may not be fully aware of their surroundings. People can get hurt and things can get damaged. Most venues don’t even allow sparklers for this very reason. And do you really want falling sparks or embers to land on your gown or suit? You are running under a fire tunnel after all. Now, if you hire me as your planner and really want a sparkler send-off, I will happily help coordinate this, but not before suggesting other fun alternatives like ribbon wands, cold sparks, fiber optic sparklers, glowsticks, or even something as simple as your guests lining up and cheering you on to your getaway car. How fun are these fire free send-offs?

Fiber optic sparklers create a similar look to the traditional sparkler and are also fun to dance with. Hand these out an hour before the send-off to bring more energy to your dance floor!

Photo by Jennifer DeBarros

Fairy lights are not just for decoration. This couple used fairy lights in their centerpieces, so the photographer got creative and instructed guests to twirl them in circles for this unique result.

Photo by Zach Nichols Photography

Ribbon wands are always fun and provide a soft, romantic look. If it is dark out, use car headlights to light up your send-off, like this photographer did. Then the newlyweds can hop right in and be on their way!"

Photo by Emily Star Poole

Three different wedding planning companies saying similar things in different ways, referring to different parts of the wedding day. But that is the fun thing about trends… it is all how you interpret it! One thing we can all agree on though, is that you will never regret hiring a wedding coordinator/planner! In order to have that wedding day experience, you need to be present, and the best way to do that is to have someone there handling all the little details and being your best advocate. Our job is to help create and bring your wedding day visions & dreams to life. And clearly, we have a few fun ideas of how to get you there! Don’t wait, dates are filling up quick for all wedding industry professionals. You will hear us say it all the time, if you have your eye on a specific vendor it never hurts to at least start that conversation!

If you want to hear more about what A Piece of Harmony Events can do to take you across the wedding day finish line, be sure to head over to my contact page and fill out the form. Let’s get a phone consultation scheduled!

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